Students Need Help, NJ H.E.L.P   Trenton, NJ –  Today, students from from across New Jersey presented a set of bills under the name NJ H.E.L.P: New Jersey Higher Education Legislative Package. This package includes a budget appropriation to expand the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) by 1.9 million, restoring the fund to its 2008 budget. The other bills include a bill that advocates a cap on tuition that is sensitive to the rising the rate of inflation, a bill which aims to help students that are eligible for the New Jersey DREAM Act access higher education state financial aid programs,…
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As student leaders we work to educate, advocate, and empower students both within our universities and communities. In solidarity with all struggling public institutions, we the past, present and future students of New Jersey unite!

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The next NJUS general body meeting is going to be August 23rd NOT the second Saturday of the month.

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