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N.J. last in federal higher ed...

“New Jersey receives less federal higher education revenue per public school student than any other state in the country, according to a new Pew report. The state in 2013 received $3,465 in federal funds per student at state schools, well below the national average of $4,956, according to data collected by the non-profit Pew Charitable Trusts. The state with the most federal funding per student, Hawaii, received more than $10,000.” Rest of Article¬†

As student leaders we work to educate, advocate, and empower students both within our universities and communities. In solidarity with all struggling public institutions, we the past, present and future students of New Jersey unite!

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Students protest suspension of Essex County College president amid financial probe

Last Friday, a group of #EssexCountyCollege #Students leaders held a #PressConference on the state of their college and moving forward. Students want politics to be separate from their education and to have voting student representation on their college board of trustees. Student tuition at #ECC covers 62% of their college’s budget so it would only make sense that the majority of stakeholders should have a voice involving their future. Join #NewJersey in our fight for #EducationEquality! True leaders..

1 month ago